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FusionHDTV5 Express HDTV PCI-E Card DVICO FusionHDTV5 Express PCI-E HDTV Tuner Card Software Decoder DFUSION5EXP (DVICO - FUSIONHDTV5 EXPRESS)

Status: Out of Stock
Sale Price: $229.00

 Articles & Reviews:

Manufacturer : DVICO
Model : FusionHDTV5 Express
MSRP : $229
IPCQUEEN Our Price :     $219.00

PCI-Express based HDTV tuner card 

Dvico introduces the latest FusionHDTV 5 Express digital tuner for PCs that comply with Microsoft Windows MCE2005 and the anticipated Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit platform. In addition to compliance with the next generation of Windows operating system, it is also observes the Intel ViiV standard, projecting the Media Center PC one step closer to behaving more like an appliance than a PC. The FusionHDTV 5 Express is a high definition digital TV tuner designed to receive & record ATSC digital terrestrial TV and NTSC analog TV for desktop PCs equipped with the latest high bandwidth PCI Express card slots. The inclusion of these latest technologies offers system builders and consumers a highly flexible HDTV solution for current and future PC platforms.

The FusionHDTV 5 Express includes Dvico’s proprietary “Record4Sure” technology, a feature that conveniently switches on a PC from a power-off mode to record a scheduled recording, assuring the user doesn’t have to leave the computer on or in hibernation mode. It gives the user the option of recording TV in its native high definition transport stream format or in DVD MPEG 2 format, ready for burning to DVD. Aligning with Intel’s ViiV standard, the multi-function remote control included also allows you to turn your PC off just like an appliance.

Unique to the Dvico range of digital TV tuners is its sub-channel Picture-in-Picture function for watching a subset of the same channel using a single TV tuner. An example for use of this feature may arise where broadcasters may utilize its broadcasting bandwidth to deliver different content or the same content in different picture resolutions.  

The FusionHDTV 5 Express also common features including time-shifting for pausing and replaying live SD or HDTV, support for electronic program guide (EPG), hi-res still image capture, Zoom-in on pause mode, Slow-motion replays and A-B repeat. In addition to all its features is Dvico’s world class software audio and HD video decoder, providing maximum picture quality, stability and compatible while using minimum CPU and memory resources. Dvico’s FusionHDTV 5 Express is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, MCE2005 and the upcoming VISTA 32bit and 64bit operating system. The package includes the FusionHDTV5 Express PCI-E card, remote control, IR receiver software and manual.



Key Features : 

  • PCI-Express 1x 

  • Record4Sure - Automatic PC on/off after recordings.

  • Power on/off PC with Fusion Remote Control

  • PIP (Picture-In-Picture) and multiview with simulcast environment

  • Record HDTV stream on HDD

  • MCE and 3rd party software comatible with BDA drivers

  • Capture HD program to hard disk as transport stream

  • ATSC 18 formats and un-encrypted QAM compliant

  • DVD/MPEG4(DivX) Conversion

  • Low profile form factor

  • Single pass HDTV/SDTV to DVD/MPEG4 format conversion



   Product Specifications:
   Input Connections 1x Coax Antenna/Cable F Connectors
1x Multi I/O port with S-Video, composite, and remote
   System Requirements  

DXVA based VGA cards
Pentium3 750MHz or faster with 128M for HD
Pentium 3 500MHz or faster with 128M for SD
All ATI Radeon series
nVidia MX420,440,FX series VGA

Non-DXVA based VGA cards

Pentium4 1.6GHz or faster with 128M for HD
Pentium 3 500MHz or faster with 128M for SD
Most recent VGA
DDR266 or faster memory

Requires 1x PCI-Express slot 
Runs on XP/MCE2005/XP X64 or later
Runs on Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit


Dvico tuner driver
Dvico full software HDTV decoder
Dvico DxVA software HDTV decoder


   Software Package

HDTV reception and display
Record and playback the HDTV files
Recording reservation for upcoming TV programs
High resolution still-screen capturing
HD2MPEG converter: Converts HD stream to DVD or DivX
Direct DVHS control/ recording/ playback



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