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STEREN ELECTRONICS VGA 15 Pin D-Sub Male to 3x RCA Male Gold Plated 6 ft. SCVM3R6

Status: In Stock
Sale Price: $25.00

Product: Video Cable
Manufacturer : Steren Electronics


VGA Male to 3x RCA Male Breakout Cable

VGA to 3x RCA Component breakout cables are used with video sources or displays that have dual-signal (VGA or Component) Input/output such as scalers and some digital projectors/plasmas.  Our premium-grade cables provide performance at affordable price. 

Important note :  Breakout cables cannot transcode video signals from VGA to/from Component and can be used in the below instances:

  • Video output device with VGA connector output VGA/Component signal.

  • Video projector/Plamsa VGA input can accept both VGA/Component signal.

Connection Type:

Use with connectors shown above (opposite of cable)

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