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Status: In Stock
Sale Price: $159.00

Size : Medium ( wrap length is 965 mm )

Thermalution F.I.R. Heated Lumbar Belt ( Back Wrap ) - Cordless

The Thermalution portable Far Infrared Ray heat therapy Lumbar Belt (Back Wrap) is designed to help reduce pain and injuries, cramping in the lower back area.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) safely penetrate deep beneath the skin, warming muscles, stimulating circulation, increasing the metabolism of the blood, promoting tissue regeneration, and reducing pain & cramping. And Far Infrared Ray is working more effectively than traditional heating devices ( heat pad , ice therapy ). Made from neoprene and lined with an ultra-soft fleece, the Thermalution Heated Lumbar Belt provides a soothing texture while the users benefits from the heath therapy.

Don't worry about messy chemicals or microwavable heat packs; the PORTABLE Thermalution F.I.R. Heated Lumbar Belt comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 5 hours of constant heat. Great for use at home or while traveling, this Lumbar Belt has a temperature on/off and comes with a convenient home charger.

Do Doctors recommand Far Infreared Heat Therapy for back pain ?

A painful back is like an unwanted friend, no matter how hard you get rid of it, it will always come back and sometimes, with a vengeance. If only we can talk to our painful backs in a way that it won’t have to cripple us, everything would be easier. Unfortunately, we have to deal with this reality: 75.6 million Americans are living in chronic pain, and half of those people consult doctors to help them get rid of it. There have been numerous ways to treat back pain, such as risky surgeries, acupuncture and massage therapies, but there is a type of back pain relief that doctors are administering to patients who seem to get better with each use: Far Infrared Ray heat therapy.

One may ask, why does this back pain relief method sound so foreign and complicated? Don’t let the term fool you; Far Infrared Rays are just invisible waves of light from the sun capable of penetrating the body. Unlike ultraviolet rays that damage and burn the skin, Far Infrared Rays enter the body and stimulates the blood flow, as well as targets the muscles for an increased agility. When used in heat therapy by wearing a low compression therapy wrap, the FIR is able to reach into the damaged back muscles and ligaments because of the targeted heat.

The convenience it entails is another reason why doctors recommend Far Infrared Rays heat therapy to patients in pain. As a person with back pain, you must be used to icky creams, mood-altering painkillers and painful nerve shocks, but with FIR heat therapy, none of this will ever be a problem again. Because the therapy system only uses a lightweight form-fitting wrap and a rechargeable battery, patients can safely administer a session of F.I.R. heat therapy by themselves—whenever and wherever they want.

The back wraps manufactured by FIR heat are the best ones in the market, because it does not emit harmful EMF present in other kinds of heat wraps. This will financially benefit the patients because they don’t have to frequently return to the clinic for check-ups because a 15-minute session of FIR heat therapy each day will provide a cardiovascular boost, a detoxified blood stream and a painless back for months and even years to come.

The use of F.I.R. heat therapy for acute and chronic back pain has been studied to significantly lower the pain and its symptoms. The study said that the continuous use of Thermalution Lumbar Heated Belt was “shown to be effective for the treatment of acute nonspecific lower back pain.” You know in yourself that you have been waiting for this kind of pain relief, a kind that’s absolutely safe, does not cost a lot of time and effort, and will effectively take away your pain in no time.

.Product No.: PCD07-BA Power source: 12 Volts (size AA) x 8
- Provides soothing warmth and a secure fit which supports the body.
- Neoprene blend provides heat retention which improves circulation and helps promote healing.
- The heating function simply utilizes dry cell batteries. Durable, flexible and even machine wash safe.
- The major heating function provided by pioneer non-metallic “ ThermalTek®”fiber wire.

- Battery Charger + Battery Car Charger included.

- Rechargeable Battery ( size AA ) x 8 included.

Comes with battery compartment.
Ordinary or rechargeable batteries can be used.
Heats up to 40 C (104 F ) in 5 minutes. (use only same brand of alkaline battery)
* Approximate battery life for a rechargeable battery is 300 minutes. ( recharge battery up to 500 times )
Reference condition of rechargeable battery: BATT NiMH 1.2v 1900mAh
** Approximate battery life for an ordinary battery is 240 minutes. (Life span depends on usage patterns)
Reference condition of rechargeable battery: Alkaline AA 1.5V battery

What is F.I.R. Far Infrared Ray
Far iInfrared ray (FIR) is a spectrum of natural sunlight with a wavelength of 4 – 1000 microns. It is invisible to the human eyes.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) pointed out that FIR with wavelength between 6 – 14 microns is capable of penetrating deep into the human body where they gingerly elevate the body temperature and generate resonance. It can accelerate metabolism, improve circulation and provide warmth.

Testing of Petatech® International Co., Ltd. products, performed by Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, demonstrates that all of Petatech’s products generate the desired FIR with wavelength of between 6-14 microns.

ThermalTek® Heating Wire patented and invented by Petatech® Int'l Co., Ltd. is the first non-metallic power heating wire in the world that is used for consumer products with the following features:

-Non-metallic characteristics
-Light, durable, secure, stable, high strength, bendable, twistable and washable
-Easy power supply by DC and AC voltage
-High heat transfer efficiency with low power consumption
-Low electromagnetic interference
-Far infrared ray


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