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Cold Cathode Light Kit - 12 (Red, Blue & Green)

SKU: ccl3colo
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Warranty: 1 Year


Cold Cathode Light - Red, Blue and Green

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Cold Cathode Light - Red, Blue and Green

Brightness of CCFL : 18000กำ3000 cd/m
Average life of CCFL : 15000hrs
CCFL voltage : 200~1000 v
CCFL current / output of inverter : 5 mA
Power (W) : 2.85กำ0.3
Input voltage of inverter : DC 12v

dditional Information

Cold Cathode Light - Red, Blue and Green

Procedure of Installation:

  1. First of all, turn off your computer and press the round switch into off (white point upside)
  2. Make sure to plug lamps (s) and wire harness into the inverter with three/two pitch connector.
  3. Plug the male 4-pin Molex connector into Power supply
  4. Mount CCFL with adhesive backed Velcro tape(1.25cm * 2cm & 1.25cm*1.3cm.)
  5. Wrap inverter cover (Black Velcro tape, 10cm*7cm), mount inverter in desired location (near fan) with adhesive backed magic tape. (7cm*2.5cm)
  6. Decide the location on which you want the light switch is to be mounted, cut or drill a hole for installing the light switch by the round washer.
  7. Turn on the computer
  8. Turn on the switch

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