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Cooler Master Floppy Cable ( UTC-F18 )

SKU: utcf18
Status: In Stock
Sale Price: $9.00
Shipping: usually same day shipping
Warranty: 1 Year

  • EMI Shielding: Tinned Copper wire with chassis grounding wire
  • Color-coded connectors for easy installation.
  • Round cable for minimal clutter and better air flow.
  • Aluminum foil shielding to minimize EMI.
  • Projector Sleevings provide softness
  • Chassis grounding wire can be attached to any screw hole inside your chassis.
  • Length:18 inches(45cm)
  • Connector Type:IDC 34P socket x 2 Black
  • Conductor: AWG 28
  • Cable Jacket: PET Projector Sleevings (Made in Japan)
  • Boot: PVC 80 (Black)

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