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DVICO (M-5110SH) TVIX PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and HDTV Turner Network MultMedia Player

SKU: M-5110SH
Status: In Stock
Sale Price: $539.00
Shipping: usually same day shipping
Warranty: 1 Year


The TVIX M5110SH media player from DVICO is stylish appliance encased in heat dissipating black aluminum. The solidly built M5110SH features all of the functions found in the extremely popular M4100SH Media Player like HDTV playback of transport stream and H.264 files with HDMI output and SATA Hard Disk support.

TVIX-HD supports various audio/video formats such as MP3, WMA, PCM, DTS, WMV9 and WMV-HD, DIVX, XVid, HDV files recorded by digital camcorders, and standard transport streams that are recorded by today's HD devices, as well as the new H.264 (MPEG4) format. In a home network environment, the TVIX is a versatile media client that can operate from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) as well as USB devices. The portable M5110SH features SATA connection for hard disk installation and USB connection to transfer data between your PC and the player. Once stored, the simple graphical interface of the M5100SH is simple to navigate with the supplied remote control.

The M5110SH offers high quality HDMI and Component video as well as S-Video and Composite allowing connection to all types of displays. Networking capability supports video over LAN of low and high bitrate MPEG-2 (DVD and HD) as well as an optional wireless smart add-on (not recommended for High-definition 720p/1080i files). Supporting all HDTV formats as well as several PC resolution allows the TVIX to be connected to HDTVs and PC monitors alike. The TVIX-HD also features both analog 2-channel and digital (Coax/Toslink) audio connections.


Key Buying Points:

  • Store and playback high-definition video
  • Stream and transfer multimedia files via LAN
  • Enjoy video, music, and photos on your SD and HDTV
  • HDMI and Component HD 1080i/720p/1080p Video output
  • Connect additional hard disks, flash media, or digital camera via USB 2.0
  • Supports NTFS and FAT32
  • HDTV Tuner with DVR (optional hard disk required) function

High Definition Personal Video Recorder

The TViX PVR is designed for high definition digital terrestrial TV receiving and recording under DVB-T digital terrestrial environment. HD program you recorded, replay it any time you want!

Real-Time Broadcasting Recording by one button!

TViX PVR has HDD space, it give you ability with various recording features like direct recording, scheduled recording(EPG) and repeated manual recording as well. By easy upgrading and expanding the capacity of HDD like PC upgrading, it can back up the recorded file to/from the PC.

Scheduled Recording with EPG(Electronic Program Guide)

TViX PVR implements all the features like EPG/scheduled recording/ PC-connectivity and this will let user enjoy all the fruits of the digital broadcasting as well as the supreme audio and video qualities. You can use the scheduled recording and scheduled watch using this EPG window.

Auto Power-ON Recording System
Even TViX has turned off, it can power on itself and record on-time which is scheduled by you.
Got a promise? Sleeping time? Just schedule program you want enjoy, and send all others over TViXís auto system. The remainder will be taken by your TViX machine.

Easy seeing TV program information using EPG
Just push EPG button to know what program come up next, it show the entire TV program on that channel.

Scheduled Program Watching by EPG / Enjoy Real-Time HD TV Watching
TVix will never let you miss the program which you desire to watch. TViX will show just right program on time.

Easy move and save to PC of recorded TV program file
TV program file can transfer to PC easily with direct connecting.

The new age of Multi-media players
TViX HD can playback high definition video (up to 1,920 X 1,080), DVD, digital still images and music files saved through the USB port. With this digital juke box, you can enjoy the saved contents on TV any time you want.

The newest chipset installed!
With the first and newest chipset, itís possible to playback contents compressed by H.264, to use SATA I,II HDD, to output HDMI and to play JPEG by hardware.

The most advanced compression technology, H.264.
The TViX features high compatibility with H.264 which is the most advanced video compression technology, AVC (HD) and VC1.

HDMI provides unparalleled qualities to digital video and audio, while DVI only serves digital video. You donít have to mess around with several AV cables. It provides single, pure and simple way to connect your display. It can deliver uncompressed digital video up to 1080p as well as multi-channel digital audio.
Playback JPEG format by hardware
Itís possible to display HD and huge image files of a digital camera at much higher speed than previous TViX series.
Copy and Paste function without a personal computer
You can copy and paste files saved in TViX HDD without a personal computer. Now you donít need to bring your TViX back to your computer to transfer files into/ out of the TViX.

Selected files could be copied and pasted by the function key on the remote controller. (You are requested to use your PC in case of TP file or to copy/paste one at a time)
n the network function, you can enjoy a movie with no TViX HDD
ViX HD can be networked with a PC system using its built-in LAN port. You are able to navigate to a file in a PC on TVIX Boxs network and play the file from its original destination without having to first copy it onto the TVIX Box HD.
Wire/ Wireless Network Storage function (FTP function)

TViXís FTP server function not only just can make the file delete, copy, move by LAN cable, but also you can access it by internet .so wherever you are you can easily access to your folder if you have your own IP address.

Connect the LAN cable to the LAN port of both the TViX and the PC

Connect the LAN cable to the LAN port for an IP Router or Hub

Convenient file deletion
Press the delete button on the remote controller.

You donít need to connect to your PC with USB cable to delete files.

Newly redesigned in premium black

Advanced TViX!!!
The luxury and well-matched design with home appliances such as a digital TV makes your room an upgraded place

Through the distinguished VFD window, you can easily check the player working state and enjoy music without TV.

USB2.0 Host

With two USB2.0 host ports, you can now attach additional external USB hard drives to further extend the storage capacity or transfer files from another USB device such as a thumb drive. You can also playback files from a digital camera, USB flash driver, USB flash card reader, or a MP3 player

Home Cinema Player

The future of high definition movies is here. Gone will be the days of playing movies and music from CDs and DVDs. TViX high definition series home cinema player meets the convenience that users seek in Media storage and playback.

Play high definition videos (up to 1920x1080i resolution) recorded from digital TV tuners, the new generation of HDVô camcorders, and PC video files such as WMV-HD, WMV-9 and MPEG-4 on your HDTV. Play all of your DVD stored on hard disk complete with 5.1 surround sound, chapters, menus, languages, subtitles and special features.


TViX M-5110SH is a contemporary music jukebox . Store all your MP3 music in one location and play it back through your audio system for countless hours of continuous music. Also compatible with other popular music files including WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC and PCM WAV formats


Create a slideshow of your digital photos on your TV with background music. The TViX lets you store and display thousands of digital photos with crisp, clear picture quality on your high definition TV. Compatible with common JPG file formats BMP.


Avoid the hassle of transferring files from USB devices to the TViX through a PC. Connect your digital camera, MP3 or iPodģ player, memory card readers and other USB external storage devices directly to the 2 USB host ports on the TViX to play multimedia files through to the TV and audio system.

Treat your TViX as a network media adapter. Connect your PC to the TViX and stream digital videos, music and photos directly to the TV and audio system via the network with the built-in LAN port. No need to copy or transfer files.

The TViX also functions as an FTP server for your home or small office/home office (SOHO). PC files saved in the TViX can be shared across network just like a media library.


Main Chipset Sigma Design EM8623
VFD Display 7 Alpha-Numeric Character, 5 Numeric Display
Video Format :.avi, .wmv, .mpg, .iso .vob, .ifo, .mp4, .asf, .tp, .trp, .ts, .m2ts, .mov(H.264)
Codec : MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, AVI, XVID, WMV9(MP@HL), H.264, AVC(HD) , VC-1(MP@HL, AP@L3)
Resolutions up to 1920*1080P
Audio MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, PCM, M4A, AC3,FLAC, WAV
Photo Lossless JPEG (Progressive JPEG not Support)
Connections USB2.0 Host 2 Ports
USB2.0 Target 1 Port
WLAN 802.11g (optional)
Multi I/O Jack (Optional Breakout Box)
AV In / Out Video: HDMI, Component, S-Video, Composite
Digital : Coaxial, Optical / Analog: Stereo
File System Formats NTFS, FAT32
DTV Recording : 7200rpm, NTFS
Hard Disk SATA I,II HDD only
Subtitle Text Subtitle : smi,sub,srt,lrc,txt
Image Subtitle : sub (with idx)
ODD Support Through USB 2.0 Host
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
FAN 40mm Brushless FAN
FAN Control Temperature Sensing, Varialble Speed
Memory Main: 128M byte / Flash: 16 M byte
Internal Power 90~240V Free Voltage
Shape Cylindrical
Dimension 131mm (Diameter) 185mm (Height)
Weight 1,200g (without HDD) 1,800g (with HDD)

-Although the extension is conformed or it supports the codec, it cannot be played according to the sort of files.

Additonal Information:

Package Content:

  • TViX HD M-5110SH
  • Remote Control
  • A/V Cable
  • Manual
  • Power cable
  • USB Cable

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