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SnapStream Fire Fly PC Remote Control

SKU: fireflypcremote
Status: Out of Stock
Sale Price: $50.00
Shipping: usually 1-2 business day shipping
Warranty: 1 Year


Use your computer for entertainment without touching the keyboard!

The Firefly PC Remote bridges the gap between the study and the living room. Play movies, TV shows, music, photos and other media stored on your computer from the comfort of your couch. Skip tracks, change the volume, fast-forward, rewind and pause like you do with your current home theater. And Firefly works through walls, so you won't have to move the PC or yourself.

Firefly comes with Beyond Media Basic, a full-screen interface, so you can navigate your PC from across the room. Firefly has SnapStream Spotlight which provides direct access to other full-screen experiences created by CinemaNow, NewsGator, Live 365 and other online media services. Plus Firefly is compatible with over 80 media applications, including Microsoft® XP Media Center edition.

  • Use SnapStream Spotlight to access online media services that were exclusive to Microsoft® XP® Media Center until now

  • Control 100+ popular PC applications without any extra configuration (see list of supported applications below)

  • Create a great party mood playing music directly from your PC with Napster, Live365 and other online media services

  • Connect a PC to your TV and watch TV shows recorded with Beyond TV™

  • Watch movies rented from CinemaNow™ with SnapStream Spotlight

  • Play music and photos together to enhance your slideshow.


  • Advanced RF Technology - works through walls and up to 30 feet away.
  • Works with more than 100+ popular software applications (like iTunes and Musicmatch)
  • 1-click access to photos, music, DVDs and videos
  • Never get lost in the menus because the Firefly button will take you back to your entrance point.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition software.
  • Comes with Beyond Media Basic, a menu that can be seen across a room.
  • Cutting edge design.
  • Mouse mode

SnapStream Firefly Includes:

  • Firefly PC Remote
  • USB PC Remote Receiver
  • CD with Drivers and Beyond Media Basic Software
  • Installation Guide
  • User's Guide
  • (2) AAA Batteries

dditional Information


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SnapStream Firefly Supported Applications

DVD software

ATI® DVD Player (ATI®)
BlazeDVD™ Player (Blaze Video)
Direct DVD™ (Orion Studios)
Nero Showtime (Nero)
PowerDVD (Cyberlink®)
Ulead DVD (Ulead Systems)
WinDVD (Intervideo)
Zoom Player (Inmatrix)

Music software

Ashampoo Media Player (Ashampoo)
AX CDPlayer (Axialis)
BEO Player (Bang & Olufsen)
Cdmax (Clark Tisdale)
CoolCD (Studio Gracebyte)
CoolPlayer (Daan Systems)
DDB Player (David DeBono)
eXtremeMP3 player (extreme Sensese)
foobar2000 (Peter Pawlowski)
iTunes® (Apple)
JetAudio Basic (JetAudio)
Musicmatch Jukebox (Musicmatch)
MediaMonkey (Ventis Media, Inc.)
Mediasonde (Prasanth Mohan)
Quintessential Player (Quinware)
Radlight (Rad Scorpion)
RealRhapsody® (Real Networks)
Winamp (Nullsoft)
Windows® Media Player (Microsoft)
Zinf Player (Zinf)

Photo software

ACDSee Viewer (ACDSee)
Paint Shop Photo Album (JASC)
Ulead Photo Explorer (Ulead Systems)
Windows Picture & Fax Viewer (Microsoft)

TV software

Beyond TV™ (SnapStream)
MyHD (Macro Image Technology)
Personal Video Station (SnapStream)
PowerVCR II (Cyberlink)
Showshifter™ (Home Media Networks)
WinDVR (Intervideo)
WinTV2000® (Hauppauge)

Video software

Crystal Player (Crystal Player Ltd.)
DivX® Player (DivX Networks )
FullMotion Video (Slipstream Systems)
GDiVX Player (Wolf's Lair)
QuickTime® (Apple)
RealPlayer® (Real Networks)
Windows® Media Player (Microsoft)

Multimedia Player software

Ace Media Player (Gustosoft )
ATI® MultiMediaCenter (ATI®)
BSPlayer (Webteh)
Core Media Player (CORECODEC)
Media Player Classic (VobSub)
myHTPC (Pablo)
Virtuosa (Fun Vibes)
VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)
YeahPlayer (Nazasoft)

Karaoke software

Karaoke Player (vanBasco)
Swift Ultralite (TriceraSoft)

Other software

DScaler (John Adcock)
Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
MovieLink Manager (Movielink)
PowerPoint (Microsoft)
RealOne (Real Networks)
QuickDVD (ArcSoft)
XP® Media Center Edition (Microsoft)

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