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iMon VFD and IR Remote for 5.25 BLACK Plate Drive Bay Soundgraph Black USB VFD/Remote package for 5.25 drive bay with iMon PAD Remote IMONVFDB (SOUNDGRAPH - IMON-VFD-B)

Status: Out of Stock
Sale Price: $112.00
Warranty: 1 year

iMon VFD and IR Remote for BLACK Plate  5.25 Drive Bay


Important : We encountered a problem with the driver/application that shipped with iMon VFD. The updated version can be downloaded here.

iMON VFD is the most advanced IR receiver and VFD display device in the market. It not only delivers IR signal to PC but also shows various useful information through VFD. It is designed to fit into the 5.25” disk drive bay of PC. It shows ‘Graphical EQ’, ‘System Info’, ‘Media Info’, ‘Email Check’, ‘News’, ‘World City Time & Weather’ and more. All the information could be displayed automatically according to the scenario. Of course, user can choose the specific information with remote controller too. Popular feature of the iMON VFD remote control package is the ability to boot a PC with preset schedule. With this scheduled turn on feature, you can listening music or recording TV channel by Multi-Median.

Key Buying Points:

  • Power on by remote control.
  • Install in 5.25 drive bay.
  • 16x2 high quality USB VFD
  • Special VFD display modes.
  • Convenient Volume Control (up, down, mute).
  • Scheduled Power On.
  • Wireless remote control of PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Excellent IR signal receiving sensitivity up to 15 meter distance and 45°angle in any direction.

iMon Pad Remote:

1. Application Exit : Closing the active window or closing MultiMedian.
2. Power : Turn On/Off
3. Media contro button group 1.
4. Mouse/keyboard button : Switching the usage of PAD controller between mouse and keyboard 4 way arrow keys.
5. PAD Controller : Mouse cursor control & 4 arrow keys.
6. Windows button
7. Menu button
8. MultiMedian : Run MultiMedian
9. Application Launcher : Run Application Launcher. Easiest way to run the assigned applications.
10. Task Switcher : Run Task Switcher, select the application window among the running applications.
11. iMon Timer : Running iMon Timer, management of power on/off and alarm schedule.
12. Volume/Channel buttons : Control of Volume and TV channel. Media Control button Group 2.
13. Short-cut* button to move to My Movie, Music, Photo, TV with MultiMedian.

*Movie Tip : Use Aspect Ration and Full Screen Button.

Remote Control iMON Pad appliances remote controllers for home use 38kHz carrier frequency.
Display 16x2 line USB interface VFD for 5.25 Drive Bay
Transmission Mode Infrared
Power Two AAA batteries
Connector USB internal connections
Range 15 meters (23 ft.) line of sight
+/- 45º vertical and horizontal
Certifications CE, FCC, MIC

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