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Silverstone SST-NT06 CPU Cooler (for AMD Socket 754/ 939 / 940 and P4 Socket 478/ LGA775)

SKU: sst-nt06
Status: In Stock
Sale Price: $53.00
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Warranty: 1 year


SilverStone SST-NT06 CPU Cooler

The Nitrogon NT06 was designed and created with one single purpose, to cool the hottest CPUs in the world. To achieve this goal, the original Nitrogon NT01 was brought back onto the drawing board and modified with more than twice the surface area to significantly increase heat-absorbing performance. A new “FM122” 120 x 32mm fan with powerful air pressure rating is then used to provide forced-air heat dissipation with the ability to cool components around the CPU area. Careful planning and bending of the thick sintered powder heat pipes ensures that the NT06 can fit on almost any motherboard and in most cases. For all out CPU cooling performance without compatibility problems, the Nitrogon NT06 is truly the ultimate solution.


SilverStone SST-NT06 CPU Cooler
  • Massive surface area
  • Powerful FM122 120 x 32mm fan included
  • Superior powder heat pipe design
  • P4 Socket 478, LGA775, and Athlon 64 compatible
  • For use with Pentium XE 3.46GHz / Athlon 64FX-60 & above
  • Fan speed controller included

SilverStone SST-NT06 CPU Cooler


NT06 heatsink
Material Copper base w/ bonded aluminum lower fins
Copper heat pipes w/ soldered copper upper fins
Heat Pipe Type 8mm thick powder heat pipe
Color Black fan shroud, copper colored cooler
Application P4 Socket 478, LGA775, AMD Socket 754, 939, 940
Cooling System Advanced two way cooling design
Net weight 570 g
Dimension 125.4mm (W) x 78mm (H) x 148mm (D)
Dimension w/ fan 125.4mm (W) x 111mm (H) x 148mm (D)
FM122 cooling fan
Fan speed 800 ~ 2400rpm
Max airflow 107.13CFM
Max air pressure 5.89mm H2O
Noise 21.0dBA ~ 42.2dBA
Fan blade size 120 x 120 x 32mm
Bearing dual ball
Control system 3.5” aluminum bay fan controller


dditional Information

Silverstone SST-NT06 CPU Cooler

Installation Guide for Silverstone SST-NT06


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